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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Property Grant Program after the Sandy Strom

Before Some days, a bad Hurricane called Sandy has damaged many homes and social property in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Many peoples have become homeless, they homes damaged badly by that Hurricane. But you do not worry about that according to New York Times, there is a grant program for your property have been passed by The Obama Administration.

Grant for repairs of your home

There is flood insurance program, under which you can fill application about of your flooded and damaged house from the Hurricane. It is a good news for you, if your house has been affected by the Flood, you can ask for this flood insurance for your home.

There is an another grant program called 'Hazard Mitigation Grant Program' which has been given to the victims of any Hazards from the Federal Government.

The NFIP(National Flood Insurance Program) used to help the people repairing their house or rebuild.

Read the whole news at Newyork Times

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